Jonathan Azoff

Computer Engineer

An Open-Source Author

OverScroll | Touch scrolling for The Browser

A jQuery plugin and polyfill for overflow scrolling in The Browser. OverScroll is a complete reverse port of the scrolling experience found in popular native mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.

Node OSX Notifier | OSX Notifications over HTTP

A NodeJS server that transforms HTTP requests into notifications on The OSX Notification Center. The module has become popular amongst individual developers who do self-monitoring of their applications.

An Embedded Software Hobbyist

Current Interest: Wearable Tech

Hype Machine for Roku | A Streaming Music Client

The first, and only, set-top client for The Hype Machine on Roku. Client runs off of Hype Machine's private mobile API, re-implementing much of the functionality found in the iOS distribution.

TrafficBox | Embedded Traffic Light Web Server

Source code and instructional documentation for creating an embedded web-server on an Arduino. The server responds to HTTP requests to control solid-state relays in a modified traffic light. Currently implemented as a monitoring system for local continuous integration in Jenkins.

A Mobile-First Developer

Current Interest: Transactions and Cryptocurrency

OddJob | Real-time Micro Services

An Android application for requesting service or goods from local vendors. Operates at a micro-scale, emphasizing immediacy and local availability. Currently in closed private alpha for user acceptance testing. Builds available upon request.

FaceDroid | Facial-Detection Memes

A Google Hackathon submission for creating memes on Android. FaceDroid uses a facial detection algorithm and the physical camera interface to detect and super-impose Android faces onto photos.

DogeApp | Such Arbitrage!

A mobile-optimized, web application that determines the optimal strategy for selling Dogecoin. Uses real-time WebSocket technology for streaming ticker information. Currently in alpha build.

A Back-End, Scalability Architect

Truman | Deferred Method Calls in PHP

A pure, PHP implementation of an asynchronous message passing system and job-queue. Truman gives PHP developers the only native, open-source job queue available in the market. Open-sourced under the RentJuice Organization.

Airbrake for PHP | A Notification Client

A PHP client for tracking user-triggered errors in production. The client injects itself into the PHP page lifecycle, and reports errors to a user-specified account on Airbrake.

A User Interaction, Design Specialist | Post Rental Listings For Free

As part of his work at Zillow, Jon lead the interaction design and implementation of the user interface. Highlights include a custom client-to-S3 upload interface and a mobile-optimized version of the website.

Real Experience Across Industries

* Full list available upon request.

Senior Software Engineer | Zillow

via RentJuice Acquisition

Leadership role with duties including development of the front-end, creation of two continuous integration systems, and various social integrations. Complete product implementations in several languages and stacks, with a primary focus in the LAMP stack. Notably listed as "inventor" in Zillow patent for online rental-application software.

Senior Software Engineer | Disney Interactive Media

via Playdom Acquisition

Architect behind studio-wide application container for social games. Focus on creating context-agnostic APIs for the game development teams, tested against successful launch of two games. Implemented architectures handling tiered growth, with upwards of one million unique users per month.

Software Engineer + Designer | Pixelpipe

Lead designer and engineer behind the desktop user-interface and the WebOS mobile client. Side roles including development of in-house monitoring and operations tools.

Certifications and Degrees

Android Developer | Codepath

Completed the free, eight-week bootcamp focused on training professional engineers to create native mobile applications. Jon's Codepath team project, OddJob, won "Best Android App" as chosen by a panel of industry-leading judges. Currently enrolled for the March 2014 iOS class, to complete formal mobile training.

Scrum Master | Scrum Alliance

Received certification for completing "Scrum Master" training, a variant of agile programming. Able to implement methodologies within the workplace, for organizations with new or existing agile development patterns.

Bachelors of Science, Computer Engineering | Santa Clara University

Honored with Santa Clara's Award for Technical Excellence for work on senior capstone project. Focuses on machine learning, design, automation and graphics.